[pleɪ] verb I
1) [I/T] to take part in a sport or game
The children were playing football in the park.[/ex]
He played for AC Milan before he was transferred to Arsenal.[/ex]
2) [I/T] to compete against someone in a sport or game
She plays the winner of tomorrow's match.[/ex]
England will be playing against Brazil in the next round.[/ex]
3) [I/T] to perform music, or to use an instrument to make music
He played several organ pieces by Bach.[/ex]
Gloria plays the violin in the London Philharmonic.[/ex]
4) [I/T] to produce sounds, or to make something such as a radio or CD produce sounds
They played the CD at full volume.[/ex]
I could hear a radio playing in the flat above.[/ex]
5) [T] to have a particular part in a play or film
She played Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire.[/ex]
6) [I] if children play, they do things that they enjoy, for example using toys
The children were out playing in the garden.[/ex]
Which toys do you want to play with today?[/ex]
be playing with fire — to be doing something dangerous or risky that could cause lots of problems for you[/ex]
play ball (with sb)informal to agree to do something that someone wants you to do[/ex]
play the fool — to pretend that you do not understand something[/ex]
play for time — to deliberately delay doing something, or to do something more slowly than usual, so that you have more time to decide what to do[/ex]
play game s — to behave in a silly way by not saying what you really think or by not being serious enough[/ex]
play it coolinformal to behave calmly and not show that you are worried about something[/ex]
play it coolinformal to behave calmly and not show your emotions[/ex]
play (it) safe — to avoid taking any risks[/ex]
- play about
- play around
- play at sth
- play sth back
- play sth down
- play sb off against sb
- play on sth
- play (sb) up
- play sth up
- play with sth
play */*/*/[pleɪ]
1) [C] a piece of writing that is intended to be performed by actors in a theatre or on television or the radio
a Shakespeare/West End play[/ex]
The school's going to put on a play this Christmas.[/ex]
2) [U] activities that are done because they are enjoyable and fun, especially by children
She watched the children at play in the park.[/ex]
3) [U] the action in a sport or game
Rain stopped play again this afternoon.[/ex]
bring sth into play — to make something start to have an effect[/ex]
come into play — to start to happen or have an effect[/ex]
a play on words — a clever or funny use of a word that has two different meanings[/ex]
foul play

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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